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If you have a JSON login page, test blind-SQL injection directly in the username and/or password fields like below. #BugBounty #SQLInjection #bugbountytips

Payload injected in username input field:

In March, I submitted 25 vulnerabilities to 1 program on @Hacker0x01. I cant believe I worked on a single target whole March🧐🧐🧐. And 14 out of 25 were Critical and High severity bugs.


There's an opening for 2x Cyber Security Architects with 7 years experience in Saudi Arabia, if anyone interested DM me, will share the connection.

SQL Injection on JSON body POST request. It took me some time, but finally found the right technique and injection point. ``sqlmap -r request.txt --level=5 --risk=3 --force-ssl --ignore-code=500 --dbs`` #SQLInjection #BugBounty

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